Early Day

It was three in the morning when I popped awake out of a dream in which I was trying to design a large biblical fresco in the shape of a ring.

“There can be two horizons” I was trying to explain to the man who had commissioned me. I was envisioning one wide biblical scene along the top and a second biblical scene along the bottom and some kind of upright figures on either side to connect the two.

“I know how horizons work.” The man told me. He was not impressed.

It was out of this dream that I suddenly sprang into wakefulness, and couldn’t get back to sleep. After about forty minutes of lying quietly waiting for the sandman (he stood me up, the bastard), I decided that I might as well start my day. I got out of bed and went into my studio: I wasn’t sure that I had the creative capacity to accomplish anything creative, but there was a stack of bills that needed filing and a spreadsheet of personal finances that could stand to be updated: and neither of those tasks required an abundance of imagination.

It felt kinda nice to get off to such a productive start, although I am clearly feeling the lack of sleep when, in the quiet moments at my desk, I fight the urge to nod off. I suppose that I’m not helping things much by the fact that I walked the final leg of my morning commute instead of taking the train. The distance isn’t really that far: just a little bit over a mile, but I need the exercise. There’s literally no other reason to do it: it’s faster, easier, and cheaper to take the train. But I need the exercise. All I do is sit all day.

On the bright side, between the walking and the sleep deficit from last night, I will hopefully get quite a good night’s sleep tonight.

One can dream.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 2, 2018.

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