Shoe Given

As Chaucer says: Axe and it shall be given.

I needed a pair of shoes that I could leave at the office: I was starting to wear sneakers on the regular in order to be able to do my daily walking, but they were hardly appropriate for work. For a few days, I’d carried a pair of nice(ish) flip flops to change into, but I was getting sick of trying to find room in my already overloaded bag for a second pair of shoes. I’d find something nice, but cheap, and just leave them at the office. Someday. When money wasn’t so tight.

“Xwhat size shoe you wear?” My coworker, a tiny Russian lady who calls everybody ‘Sveetie’, asked me out of the blue.

“Ten.” I said, figuring that no matter what she had in mind, that my feet would be too big for it.

“I xhave shoes I give you: they haves the xheels- I can’t wear. You want? I give.”

“Sure,” I said, having no idea what these shoes might look like, but figuring that free shoes were free shoes.

It was a few days before she brought the shoes in so today was the first chance I got to take a look at them, but I’m not sure I could’ve asked for a better design if I’d bought them myself. It’s as if someone said to themselves: “you know, they just don’t put enough hobnails in loafers anymore. Let’s make that a thing. And also make them clogs with kitten heels.” How could I not like them? They’re just too weird and wonderful! My only complaint, is that the design of the shoe is slightly longer in the toes than my actual foot, so from my point of view they make my feet look extra long. But I’m not sure it’s noticeable from the side, and anyway: free.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 9, 2018.

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