Funny Folk

“The compost fairy delivered to your garden” It was a text message from my Dad that arrived mid afternoon while I was treating my hair out over yet another technical hiccup at work that was going to require me to #pleaseRedo everything I’d just done. I was glad to have the distraction.

“I spread six bags of Steer Manure Compost on the tomatoes and on the “bed”*. The backyard smells like a barn now.” (*an actual bed, now turned into a flowerbed)

This was Dad’s way of saying “I love you”. It’s not that it was a message that he needed to be oblique about; words were words- they might make the message clear, but they wouldn’t help the garden grow. My folks had been in town for the weekend to visit the GrandNugget for his first birthday and today was their last day in town. I’d had the chance to have coffee with my Dad and tea with my Mom during their visit, but I wasn’t going to get to see them again before they left, so I guess this was a way of leaving a parting gift.

The backyard does smell like a barn.

I’m back in the pattern of starting work early and staying late. Two days into the week and I’m already up to almost four hours of overtime. In truth, I don’t mind: it means more money in my pocket, but I’m not getting my daily writing OR my daily walk now and it’s affecting my mood. Even donuts don’t help. I know. I’ve tried.

I started early today, but I didn’t stay late: there was a panel discussion about Women In Comedy with Grace Parra, Melinda Hill, and Lindsay Crystal that I wanted to attend (and did attend- and even made it on time in rush hour traffic). It was a great presentation, and very inspiring. In truth, I didn’t hear a lot of what was said: about fifteen minutes in I was struck by a sudden idea for a new project and it immediately absorbed almost all of my mental faculties. On one hand, I’m sure it’s very rude to check out mentally while someone is sharing their wisdom. On the other hand, they did inspire the idea, so maybe they’ll forgive me. The concept is still so raw I’m not even sure if it’s viable yet, so I’ll have to sleep on it, but hey: it’s a start. And I’ll have plenty of time to think it over tomorrow after I’ve pulled out all my hair.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 17, 2018.

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