Brain Stew

I recently got back into Twitter. Or, as I like to call it, The Bottomless Twit Pit because I get sucked in without hope for escape. I’ve had an account since 2012ish, but literally didn’t touch it for years. At the time, there was a lot of emphasis on your number of followers and popularity is not a contest that I have ever won.

Now, though, I’m kinda learning to appreciate the train-of-thought soliloqidialogue that it cultivates. It’s half conversation and half monologue like a character in a Shakespeare play turning to the audience for an aside.

On days like today, when my brain is so scattered that it’s actively contributing to the entropy of the universe, it’s a welcome relief to have a platform where I can flit from thought to thought without commitment.

Incidentally, my bus is presently taking me on an unscheduled tour of scenic Panorama City. Missed the exit I guess.

At any rate, I’ve been giving myself a break from my writing for the day. Yesterday I finished a chapter for my novel that I’d been chewing over for months. It was satisfying to finish it, but it has spawned a whole new set of plot problems for the next chapter that I can’t quite figure out how to manage yet. Once again, it is that form of writer’s block that involves figuring out how to connect two points- in this case, I have a time slip of about eight hours: the chapter that just ended took place in the afternoon. The main action of the next chapter currently takes place after midnight. The actual action between the two ‘scenes’ is pretty much continuous, though. I mean, I suppose I could just leave it unexplained- it’s not actually important to the story to know what the characters do in the interim, but my attention keeps tripping over it. And if my attention is sidetracked by it, then there’s no reason to believe that a reader would gloss over it.

I find myself dealing with this a lot: how characters get from place to place, how much time goes by in the story world, how things get paid for, etc. They’re not important story details so much as they’re logic-clutter that needs to be squared away so that the story runs smoothly. If I’m lucky, and diligent, I’m be the only one who notices them.

At any rate, it’s a problem that I don’t know how to fix yet, but it’ll come to me. Just gotta stew on it for a while. Or, as the podcast I’m listening to describes it as “blue screen background processing”.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 26, 2018.

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