Oh look, a cakewalk!

An overturned big rig shut down four of the five lanes on the Northbound 405, just past the final exit before the Sepulveda pass, and right at the starting gun for the evening rush hour. It was a truck full of cement and dirt, which, apparently, spilled across the median and shut down several southbound lanes as well for good measure. Because if you’re going to demonstrate the ubiquity of Murphy’s Law, you might as well pull out ALL the stops.

It also caught on fire.

Miraculously, everyone seems to have survived, at least, the traffic report was only listing injuries when I finally looked it up on my phone after I’d been on the road for over two hours and the bus was still barely past the entrance ramp. Door to door, my commute took exactly four and a half hours. I walked into the house on the dot of ten thirty. I never even got to see the crash site- after sitting in glacial traffic for over two hours, the bus driver took matters into his own hands and got the hell off the highway to take surface streets. I, for one, was glad he did, or I might still be on the 405.

It feels appropriate that this is happening on the night of a full moon.

Whatever plans I might’ve had for the evening quickly evaporated. I’d meant to call my folks for a visit when I got home, but that didn’t really work out the way I’d hoped either. I managed to get done writing done. Did a little bit of reading. Debated whether I should have a snack or save it in case things got really desperate. By the time I made it home my goals were reduced to: Take Out Trash, and Do Plank Challenge. And now, of course, Write Post.

So this evening was a bust…

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 30, 2018.

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