Yard Work

It was clear that it was going to be a 70spf kind of day. I figured that if I was going to slather my whole body with sun retardant grease, then I might as well spend the whole day outside, so it was a day of generalized puttering and yard work.

I trained the tomatoes up the next step of their cages (which makes them sound like some kind of circus animal). It had only been a week since the last time I fussed with them and they’re already a foot taller. I’ve taken up my Mom’s tradition of including a tomato update in all my letters. Brace yourselves: I live a life of intrigue and mystery.

Speaking of which, I also hosed down the patio furniture. Which, I know, is livin’ on the edge, but that’s just how I roll. Yeah. Pulled some weeds too. Raked the side path. Pruned the lemon tree. Swept the path.

Ok so it wasn’t an interesting day, but it felt good to put the house in order. Sometimes it’s good to just clean the corners and straighten the edges. It was a little bit Zen to not have to worry about the big picture for a minute.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 26, 2018.

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