Big List

The list on the white board is The Big List, even though it’s short as far as my To Do lists go. It’s a list of thekind of tasks that merit a shot of Scotch- the good stuff- when I finally cross something off.

And today I crossed something off that has been lingering on the list since October: finally getting the last of my Will related paperwork notarized. Everything was signed and witnessed months ago- and the only document that needed to be notarized was the power of attorney paperwork. In my defense, I’d tried once to take it to the bank for notarization, but the lady refused to do it unless I did the signing and witnessing right there in front of her, a task which would’ve required wrangling three other people for a Saturday trip to the bank. So I’d brought the documents home with me and chucked them on my desk and that’s where they have been ever since.

I’m not sure why today was the day I chose to dig them out. The task wasn’t one I’d particularly planned to tackle, although I’m beginning to notice a trend this year of me approaching major tasks sideways instead of head on. But I did pull the paperwork out and then proceeded to call (call!) four different notary services to see who would offer a weekend appointment.

And then, within half an hour, for fifteen dollars and a thumbprint the paperwork was done. I brought it home. Scanned it. Filed it. Crossed it off The Big List. Then celebrated with a nap.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 10, 2018.

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