Adventures With Scissors

Painting by Joseph Lorusso

“What are you doing?”

Considering that I was standing in the bathroom with a pair of scissors in my hand holding my hair over the trashcan, which was staged in the sink, I would have thought that the answer to this question was evident, but still I answered:

“Just giving myself a trim.”

Just. Because I didn’t want it to sound like a big deal. Because somehow the more hair you have the bigger the deal it is when you cut it, even a little bit.

“You know I don’t like when you cut your hair.” The Curmudgeonly Lion was plaintive, perhaps afraid that this would be the time I decided to go off my loop and go full-on Sinead O’ Connor. “You’re supposed to do it when I’m not around.”

“So go away.” I said.

It really was a trim. I wasn’t planning on shortening my hair in a meaningful way, but my hair had been starting to develop into a kind of business-in-the-front-party-in-the-back kind of look that I didn’t love. I thought some layers probably wouldn’t do me too wrong.

For an hour I futzed around with scissors, trying to create some kind of shape out of the great amber waves. Having hair with any kind of curl makes hair cutting a process of trial and error. There’s really no way of knowing which way the curl is going to go once the weight is taken off it. So there was a lot of hit and miss and cautious incremental cuts.

My hair is not markedly shorter than it was, but my head is noticeably lighter, so clearly a volume of hair was removed with some actual weight. It feels appropriately summery. I’m definitely experiencing less pitch and yaw when I’m walking and my hair swings. But I’m not sure I see much difference to my “look” yet. I’ll need to give it a good wash and see how it turns out once it’s clean.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 11, 2018.

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