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Jan Ekels The Younger gets me.

I ain’t dead.

I haven’t posted in a few days, but I’m not gone- just focusing my writerly energies on my novel lately. I shared the completed chapters with my sister, Bean- the one with the Master’s degree in Professional Writing (yup, it’s a thing) to get her take on how the story is coming along. Admittedly, this was done with my heart in my throat since she was likely to have the highest standards for ‘good’ writing and the lowest tolerance for ‘bad’ writing.

“You should stop writing screenplays.” Was her bottom-line reaction. “You should work on this instead.”

I took this as a compliment.

“I mean,” she amended- perhaps afraid she’d insulted me by suggesting that all my film training hadn’t really turned me into the prodigy-genius to rival the Spielbergs and Kubricks of the world. “I mean, your screen plays are ‘good’ but this is good.”

So I’ve moved from quotes to italics. From upspeak to declarative full stop.

I mean, aside from being a complete, ninety degree change in career trajectory, this was a compliment and I wasn’t going to quibble about semantics.

So I left the meeting feeling motivated. Suddenly it became very important to make Progress, both because Bean’s evident enjoyment of the story was very inspiring and because she said she Wasn’t Going To Read Any More Until There Were At Least Five More Chapters Done.

Challenge accepted.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 20, 2018.

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