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It’s a Saturday afternoon and I’m babysitting The Nugget. At the moment, he’s asleep, so I’m mostly trying to keep myself busy with quiet tasks while I watch him on the baby monitor like some kind of security guard. All is calm. All is still. Which is good, because the minute her wakes up it will be PERPETUAL MOTION.

I’ve already done my reading for my writer’s group and penned a practice bio for myself when I start writing query letters for my writing. I was listening to the Children of Tendu podcast about how to get an agent and they discussed the fact that it’s important to be able to tell people The Story Of Your Life just as much as it’s important you have good writing samples. It got me to thinking about how I tell my own story: which is usually less pithy as succinct than the stories I tell about other people- real or fictional. The problem doesn’t seem to be a question of self awareness: I have a pretty good (if evolving) sense of my Self. And I don’t think it’s a question of whether or not my life is interesting or not- because there has been plenty interesting stuff for me to talk about.

The biggest problem seems to be a question of relevance: what are the most relevant details to include in order to give strangers an accurate sense of my personality. The next biggest problem is finding the right tone: one which conveys all this self-aware information without being self impressed, that is deprecating without being flagellating, that shows a spark of wit without devolving to schtick or smart-assery.

And telling the truth about where I am now, while also saying what my goals are and aspirations and credits and credentials in under a minute and fewer than two hundred and fifty characters.

You know- just a simple bio.

So that presents an interesting problem to solve and I’m just starting to mull it over. I figure it’s probably worth treating it like a character bio- if I were to introduce myself as a character in a novel, how would I do it? I feel like it’s worth writing out and then practicing *shudder* in front of a mirror. (I’ve never liked talking in front of a mirror. Not sure why- makes me too self conscious maybe.)

So that’s what I’ve been starting on. I’ll have to start test driving it the next time I’m at a networking event.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 23, 2018.

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