Norman Rockwell gets me.

In a sprint which sounds more impressive than it actually was, I managed to finish five chapters of writing last week. I did not start any of them during that same week. Some of them I started last month. Some of them I started last year. So I’ve been working on this particular passage for a while now and it finally came together.

Let us celebrate.


Today, however, I sat down for the first time in a long time and had to ask myself “what comes next?” My instincts say that there’s a whole chapter that I need to add that is completely untapped. This is exciting because it means the excitement of discovery and potentially some new insight into the world and the characters that I haven’t been aware of before now.

It’s also terrifying.

It’s the blank page. And it’s so very blank.

The chapters that I just completed were a minor arc of their own with a climax within one of the subplots. And while I’ve already launched the next arc, everything has been so frenetic that I need a chapter where everyone can catch their breath- just for a minute.

A lull.

But so far it is so very lull-y that I can’t find the conflict. There’s neither tension nor friction. There isn’t much of anything. So far I’ve written one single page and it involves a woman covered in bees. There a chance I might be on the wrong track.

Anyway so my progress today was fitful, but i kept myself moving by typing up some other notes that I’d written by hand- just to keep the momentum going. Hopefully I’ll discover a toehold tomorrow.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 25, 2018.

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