The To Do list for the day was short: pay the rent, clean house, writer’s group. Maybe go for a run. Maybe practice.

Mission accomplished.

My tentative goal for the month of July is to pick up the bass every day. I mean, hopefully the goal is to pick it up and practice every day, but I want to at least make the point of putting into my hands on a daily basis. My practicing habits in June were very poor: to the point that I was starting to get a complex about it- it had been so long since I last practiced that it was easier to just put it off again and again than to force myself to actually do it.

Well, today I forced myself to actually do it. Practiced for about an hour. The Curmudgeonly Lion was even in the house while I did. It’s progress. I’m pleased (and surprised) at how much I managed to retain from the last time I practiced: I expected to have to work a lot harder and get back to more basic exercises, but I seemed to be able to pick up pretty close to where I left off. So that was edifying.

On the list of Other Things I Finally Forced Myself To Do, I finally cleared my drawing board. Literally. It had become a landing zone for everything that needed to be filed, sorted, thrown away or stored. So I finally forced myself to get around to filing, sorting, throwing away and storing them as appropriate. It’s one of those little things that takes a lot of time but makes a big difference, but isn’t very exciting to do. But I feel clearer headed for having done it.

So it was progress. Not a lot, but at least I feel like I’m starting off the month on the right foot.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on July 1, 2018.

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