I wanted to believe that I was special.

Which, I mean, don’t we all? Of course I’m special. I am a beautiful and unique snowflake and anyone who says otherwise is trying to start a cult (I’m looking at you, Tyler Durden). But it wasn’t enough to just say so- I wanted to be able to prove it in a measurable way.

So I decided to do the math.

Of all the things that make me beautiful and unique, I regret that a facility with numbers is not one of them- especially when it comes to percentages and decimal places, so there’s a chance that my figuring is wrong and I’m just going to go ahead and say so up front. But it was a fun thought exercise, and I like to think that it has at least gotten me to the ballpark.

So, out of six billion people alive on this Earth, what are the chances of me being me? I mean, obviously, one in six billion, but… You know. Besides that.

Here are my variables:

17% of the world’s population has blue eyes.

2% of the world’s population has red hair

Since both red hair and blue eyes are recessive traits, the combination of red hair and blue eyes is the rarest combination on earth at approximately .017% of the human population.

OK, what else?

According to Myers-Briggs (which I realize is a less than scientific measurement system, but which anyways seemed to ring true to my experience) I fall into the INTJ personality. That means Introvert, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging…. A fiercely independent personality that enjoys making concrete decisions about abstract concepts through systematic reasoning (she says, trying to quantify and articulate her own specialness).

At any rate, it’s not a common personality type. About 3% of the population in total, and it’s a personality that skews heavily male. To be a female INTJ is to be .8% of the population

The bottom line is .00068%. Out of six billion people on earth, the percentage of red haired, blue eyed INTJ snowflake women is .00068%.

I’m still trying to figure out how to translate that into a “one in this-many” ratio, so if anybody is out there checking my work and wants to give me a boost on this one I’d be happy for the assist. I mean, I might be a special snowflake but that doesn’t mean I don’t need help sometimes.

Christ on a bike, do I need help.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on July 6, 2018.

5 Responses to “.00068%”

  1. Indeed! Red hair and blue (not green) eyes is rather rare. It makes you quite the jewel, the endangered species of human history, a myth of sorts (in due time, I fear).

    My mind goes a bit blank just crunching your numbers……….. I cannot look at life in code like that. Astrology and, maybe, a touch of numerology, is/are as far as I go.

    I, on the other hand, seem to be a very common combination of physical elements which I don’t particularly value. My eye color is fairly rare, but the charm of my eyes is gradually fading. I know, to some degree, that I am–or, at least, seem–special due to my unusual investment of mental energy (with little if any reciprocation from people I enjoy accompanying).

    I keep forgetting if I turned out an INFJ or INTJ.

    Why this analysis now?

    • I’m not sure what brought it on: just a desire to feel special I guess. Sometimes it’s nice to feel extraordinary.

      And don’t worry- redheads aren’t going extinct: we’re rare but resilient. 🙂

      • I could have told you you’re special at any time. 😀 I don’t need to have anyone tell or make me feel special because I am not sure, as I said, that’s a good thing, anymore. However, I welcome people who make me feel appreciated and comfortable being myself versus self-conscious about whatever faux pas I may cause at every turn. Family and certain parties of peers have made life quite uncomfortable because I have been made to feel as if whatever I am is too much to handle. So, if that makes me special, I don’t want to know it.
        But, you certainly are a rarity. As far as I have read and seen, in a good way.
        Are you sure? I really am worried. Finding a fine redheaded woman is like locating a unicorn. You catch a glimpse, and then they’re gone.

      • Well, we redheads are vastly outnumbered by everyone else, after all. The genes are recessive so a lot of people can have the genes for red hair but not actually have red hair show. I read one book that posited that the actual mutation was for pale skin and that the red color in hair was just a side effect, which was an interesting take.

      • You redheaded women are like the elven queens of fantasy movies (and like the unicorns I previously mentioned). Outnumbered you may be, which makes you all the more precious.
        Not all redheads are pretty (to me). But, each earns a measure of respect and/or awe for being so uncommon these days. Red-haired men I see even less often, and I cannot say I feel the same way about them, anyway. 🙂
        I’d be somewhat astounded if suddenly redheads disappeared and didn’t appear for more than a half-century, and then, just as suddenly, a red-haired goddess appeared out of nowhere like an anomaly. I’d be inclined to think she was a lab experiment, like crossing yellow and green beans. But, then, that may be how redheads originated.
        I’ve also noticed how some redheads fluctuate much the way people with blond(e) hair can turn dark, even black like corn silk phasing from white/green to black/brown. I’ve seen redheads turn gray or white sooner, like Aquarians who typically get “salt-n-pepper” or the “silver fox” hairdos. And, I’ve seen redheads turn blonde like deer that shed their spots with maturity. But, I’ve never seen anyone become a fiery redhead with maturity.
        I suppose the palest of skins typically is seen with red hair. Or, is it that our human eyes perceive the skin that way? I feel rather pale, even translucent, but have darker, duller hair with little to no fire in it.

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