“How do I write a query letter?” I asked Google. For a friend.

Obviously, I mean, I’m not even finished with a complete draft of my current work in progress, so trying to figure out how to present it to an agent is putting the cart about a mile before the horse, and taking the attitude that “well, it’ll be there when I’m ready for it.”

But I really didn’t know, and as the page count keeps going up on my Word document, the chances that I’d be able to get a complete stranger to willingly commit to sitting down to read my magnum opus was becoming vanishingly remote. I had visions of enthusiastically dropping this manuscript into someone’s lap with enough force and momentum to bend four dimensional space, only to have my enthusiasm met with the same bland politeness used to placate a conspiracy theorist in a tin foil hat delivering their Manifesto while slowly being surrounded by the police.

And rightly so.

So, yes. A query letter seemed like a good plan. I’d never written a query letter before and I figured it was going to take me a few tries to get it right anyway, so starting early gave me time to get it right. And besides: it would be useful to get an overview of the story that I thought I was writing in order to figure out how to sell it.

So that was a large portion of my free time today: noodling around with various loglines and summaries and synopses, playing with tone and attitude. I didn’t finish anything. But i feel less intimidated about the process.

So that’s something.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on July 16, 2018.

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