Gore Point Garden

The two streets converged into a steep wedge-shaped corner that angled west like the prow of a ship pointing towards the nearby Fantasy Island gentleman’s club.

It wasn’t a ship, of course, it was just an awkwardly shaped byproduct of urban development. The wider parts of the block housed the A1 SELF STORAGE facility, but here at the westernmost point the property ended in a triangular gore point outlined with chain link fence.

I got the impression that the garden had started as an accident: the handiwork of one of the enterprising underprivileged of the area who lived in tents beneath the train line or in vehicles parked along the neighborhood streets. However it had started, it was clear that someone associated with the property now sanctioned it: a white irrigation line kept the ground watered. The fence was secure all the way around. The plantings rotated with the seasons: in the spring it was strawberries and herbs. Right now it is corn (indeed as high as an elephant’s eye) and squash. The mint was recently shorn off, but being mint, will be back as will take over if they aren’t careful.

At any rate, I envy the handiwork that I see at play to take such an unassuming patch of land and turn it into a nice little resource. Wish I could get my garden to grow so well.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on July 19, 2018.

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