Well today was a good goddamn day. And I’m not being sarcastic or anything.

It was five forty-five when the Curmudgeonly Lion rolled over and nudged me to wake me up. As per my request: I wanted to get outside before the sun came up to continue trimming back the blighted fruit and leaves on the tomato towers. The plants seem to have rebounded from the heat damage, which is a relief, but they now look like alien plant creatures hovering five feet off the ground with a host of tentacles sunk into the earth below.

I worked for almost an hour until the sun made it high enough for me to lose the shade so I went inside for breakfast. We ate. We watched our shows. It was still too early for me to run errands so I went into the studio to practice for a while and managed to start teaching myself a couple new songs by ear. Or, parts of new songs anyway.

There were a handful of errands on my list that I wasn’t really looking forward to, but that needed to get done: take my ring in for inspection, pick up dry cleaning, mail a package, buy a new coffee pot, etc. Our old coffee pot was still working fine, but it was about twice as much coffeepot as we needed: complete with espresso maker (used twice) and milk frother (used never). The only criteria that we had for the new one was that it had to have the mesh filter basket so that we didn’t have to buy filters. Mission accomplished.

I made it home before noon. It feltlike I’d done a whole days worth of work and I still had a whole afternoon.

It was a good goddamn day.

We sat and had lunch in front of that tv, eating leftovers out of the fridge. There was a knock at the door which turned out to be our landlady: I’d left a jar of tomatoes on her front step and she was returning the gesture by bringing us crepes and nutella. The crepes were still warm.

It was a good goddamn day.

I spent an hour or two transcribing the writing that I did during the week. Transcribing mirror writing is an exercise in ingenuity: I can write backwards easily, but I do actually need a mirror to read it fluently. I finally figured out that if I put the laptop on my lap, then balanced the notebook against my stomach, facing the computer screen, then put a narrow compact mirror below the screen aimed at my stomach that I could mostly see a few lines of text. If my hands didn’t get in the way. So there was a fair amount of fumbling.

Mid afternoon I decided to take a nap. It’s been a long time since I’ve napped well during the day, but today I slept like a baby for more than an hour.

Today was a good goddamn day.

I sold some stuff that I’d listed online weeks ago.

Today was a good goddamn day.

I went for a run that was so remarkably pain free and easy that I didn’t stop to rest at one of my regular turnaround points and just kept chugging along like I planned to keep it up forever. It wasn’t the fastest run I’ve ever had but if running was always that easy I’d be doing supermarathons by now. And when I checked in on my weight I was meant ten pounds lighter than I was on April first when I committed to making changes to my lifestyle.

It was a good goddamn day.

So now tomorrow has a lot to live up to, but it was good to have a day worth celebrating.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on July 21, 2018.

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