The words elude me.

The chapter has not gone as planned. I’m reasonably pleased with the way it’s coming together, but I keep struggling with the feeling that I might be getting into a but of a set piece that I neither planned nor expected.

What began as a single chapter has now expanded to two. I originally thought that there would be a third chapter as an interlude between the two halves, but now that I’ve (nearly) completed part one I realize that the interlude chapter is too different tonally from the action to really work. Luckily, it’s not a chapter that is strictly tied to the chronology: I can easily move it to later in the story and it will fit just fine, but then it means that this new set piece: let’s call it The Jealousy Module will now have to take place in back-to-back chapters, and it is developing enough weight and momentum that I’ll probably have to resolve the whole sequence before I can move on with the plot. And that might require a third chapter in the module.

So the chapter has not gone as planned.

And it might be getting out of hand.

I realize that, since this is still only a first draft, I shouldn’t be worrying about big picture things until I get it all down on paper and actually have a big picture to look at. If I’m learning anything from this process it is that forcing myself to write chronologically is very helpful in forcing me to think about cause as effect and the way that long emotional tails from earlier chapters can affect later chapters in significant ways.

So it’s a dilemma that I’m still puzzling out in my spare time.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 7, 2018.

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