Fast Fridays

My mind has not been my own today. I’m not entirely surprised: it is a Friday, which means that I’m fasting and it’s pretty normal for me to be a space cadet if I haven’t eaten in a while, but the effect seemed to be especially pronounced today for reasons unknown.

I’ve been doing this intermittent fasting since April. My routine is now to stop eating after dinner on Thursday nights and then to fast until dinner time on Friday. It took about a month to acclimate to the change- the first few times I did it I was super spacey and the hours seemed to crawl by without the usual distraction of snacks. But now it has become part of the weekly routine that is usually painless and even relaxing since I make an effort to give my self a break on fasting days. “Just take it easy,” I allow my mental voice to say. “You’re running on auxiliary power.”

I’ve even gotten to the point where I find myself relieved to know that a fasting day is coming up. If I’ve had a tough emotional week or I’m struggling with the mental rat-mill spinning out of control it’s nice to know that I’ll have a day to reset the system.

And Friday dinner always tastes amazing.

Also, now that it has been three months I can really see and feel a difference in my body. I’ve lost about eleven pounds (about a pound a week) and at first I could only feel the difference, but now I can see it as well: I’ve shed a noticeable amount of bulk off of my legs and butt, and, regrettably, from out of my bra. If only I could shed the stomach pooch I’d be good to go. I’m also seeing noticeable changes in muscle tone- both in the obvious places like arms and abs, but also in unexpected places like having more solid wrists and a firmer neck.

But my biggest takeaway from all this was how shockingly low maintenance it was to make these lifestyle changes. I don’t have to think about what I eat. Nothing is forbidden. I walk every day but I only break a sweat exercising twice a week when I go running. I’m not holding onto a ton of tension in my guts from trying to keep my stomach sucked in all the time: I do three to seven minutes of planking right before bed, and that’s it. The rest of the time I put it out of my head and don’t think about it..

So I feel great: probably better than I have in years. I think this might just be the new me starting to emerge. I like where it is headed.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 11, 2018.

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