Woman in White

The woman wore all white: white shirt, white pants, white sweater hanging loose around her thin shoulders. She sank down into a seat, placing her muslin bag on her lap. I caught the movement or of the corner of my eye and glanced up, then returned my attention to juggling my purse and bag and parasol into some kind of order on my lap.

Excuse me-

I sensed her presence beside me more than I could actually hear her voice over the music in my ears. I looked up again to see her standing beside me looking at me expectantly. I took out one earbud.

“Sorry, what?”

I had crippling arthritis. She said. And I was watching my favorite Christian tv show as they said that if I hadn’t received my healing from God that I should read in his scriptures of his healing and his light and that he would appear to me in a dream and it would be revealed to me how to be healed.

She spoke rapidly, in a voice high and faint over the roar of the bus, without pausing for acknowledgment or response. Her brown eyes alternated between holding my gaze and glancing down the aisle towards the front of the bus in a restless back-and-forth dance.

So I called them and they sent me the scriptures and I read them and God appeared to me in a dream for my healing and went through my wounds one by one and I had to take two steps for every wound and then he took my crippling arthritis and I was healed. And the ministry said that I should call others to receive their scripture and their healing

I waited for her to try to hand me something: to ask for money or to find out how much Jesus I had or needed in my life. I prepared to tell her that I was not yet prepared to receive the gift of eternal life and salvation as these troubled times were likely to make sinners of us all.

Fallen now is Babylon the Great!

Screamed the music in my other ear. Somehow my morning commute had taken me to the crossroads of Revelation.

And if they were interested in receiving their healing that I could have them call for their healing or I could have them email-

God has to keep up with the times after all.

And they can receive their scriptures and be healed like me. Thank you for listening.

And then without stopping to ask or to wait for an answer, or to paper over my skepticism with Messages of Hope, she turned and moved down the aisle, already preparing to evangelize to the next open ear she found.

The words were not her own, of that I was certain, but the story she told did come from a place of experience and I believed that she believed it. Whether or not I believed it was beside the point.

But whether or not I believed it, or was prepared to accept this message at word value, it made me wonder whether this encounter had a significance towards my life in other, more implicit ways.

For every wound I took two steps…

Those words in particular spoke to me. I’ve recently been undergoing another surge of self discovery in which I have recognized some behavior patterns that I don’t particularly like about myself and want to correct. So maybe this message was well timed and pertinent after all: I may not have crippling arthritis, but maybe I don’t need to be sick in order to be healed.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 16, 2018.

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