Early Out

And now to spend the rest of the weekend in the hammock.

The office closed early.

I wasn’t expecting to have the afternoon off, so while I was pleased to get to go home early, I found myself a bit adrift about what to do with the free time. I hadn’t made any plans. The bus took two hours to get me home at which point all I could think to do was to plug in my devices to recharge and then fall into bed for a nap.

I didn’t really sleep: mostly I just drifted in a thoughtless twilight state while my body glowed in the heat of the room. It was pleasant, but I woke up feeling slightly unsatisfied, and got out of bed to do something useful with the last of the daylight hours. I was tempted to go for a run, but we had evening plans to meet a friend for dinner and I wasn’t sure I had enough time to run and to cool down enough to stop sweating before heading to her place.

So I went into my studio and put the finishing touches on another chapter of my novel instead. Yesterday I was lamenting that my already-half-written-chapter took eight days to finish, and that surely I was only going to have a chapter-a-week average for the month of August. And today I was finishing up another chapter in a matter of mere hours.

Ahh to have the love of a capricious muse.

The two-hour bus ride had given me plenty of time to second guess and over think and edit and re-write the new pages. I’m still not sure if they’re good, but they’re good enough. And now I’m staring longingly at my bottle of Writer’s Tears knowing that I can’t celebrate until after I break my fast, which will probably mean celebrating alone in the dead of night. Which somehow seems appropriate.

At any rate, the weekend is off to an auspicious, if unstructured, start. Here’s hoping things continue in this vein for the next three days.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 31, 2018.

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