Y Roads

The State Social House sits on a triangle shaped corner at the place where the Sunset Strip bends north towards the heart of West Hollywood: not so much a crossroads as a Y Road. A split. A fork. Two paths diverging in a yellow wood, and we were there in an effort to take a road less traveled and divert ourselves from our usual routine.

The goal was to meet new people and make new friends. The event was a cocktail mixer, which a friend described as ‘elbow-bend-and-chit-chat’, which turned out to be exactly actuate. We had some drinks, we chatted up a few me acquaintances. We were home by eleven, because it was, after all, a week night.

I was glad that we went. Lately, I’ve been a bit compulsive about social events- my fear of missing out is still so sharp and present that I keep hoping to outrun it by keeping myself busy. A part of me realizes that this isn’t sustainable: that I only have so much social bandwidth and this ongoing sprint is going to take its toll eventually if it isn’t starting to do so already. But I also know that I’m not happy with the existing state of my life, and that time spent in solitude will inevitably become time spent in rumination, which is likely to circle and circle and circle until it turns into a proper spiral of existential angst. At least these social engagements are getting me out of my rut and putting me on the road less traveled, even if I don’t happen to know where that road leads. It’s a Y-Road.

And the superstitions part of my brain thinks it was the right choice: the omens were auspicious- there were many turtles. (Turtles are my personal totem- I take it as a good sign when I see a turtle emblem cross my path). We stopped for dinner in a little no-face panini restaurant across from The Viper Room (the food was SO GOOD) and a large video monitor was playing a loop of under sea footage including a long beautiful segment of a sea turtle swimming. The State House was also featuring the beers of Tortugo brewing, meaning that there was an enormous tortoise projected on the roof and three of the beer taps were turtle shaped… There was a third sighting too, but now it’s escaping my memory. But it has been weeks since I last saw a turtle and here was a sudden abundance- I couldn’t help but consider it to be a sign.

Of what, I don’t know.

A turn in the road, perhaps.

And maybe just the slightest reassurance that I was going to make the right choice.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on September 13, 2018.

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