This isn’t me, but let’s pretend that I looked this glamorous while wearing two pairs of pants at the same time in the middle of a Goodwill store.
Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

For reasons beyond the scope of my rational mind, I decided that Today Would Be A Good Day For Shopping. I had a handful of legitimate errands to run: pick up the dry cleaning, pick up the book on hold at the library, buy cat food, etc., but also I realized it was only a day or two away from October and, well, one can never have TOO much time to prepare a really good Halloween costume, amiright?

So I went to Goodwill.

Without giving anything away, I was looking for something colorful and vintage. And, you know, since I was there maybe some new clothes for the fall and winter. My new routine of walking/planking/intermittent fasting has done a good job of trimming me down to the lean, mean fighting machine I always knew I had inside me, but it does mean that my pants don’t fit anymore. And as pleasing as it is to notch my belt tighter, it also means that my pants are now bunched around my waist like a hobo. And while I could *technically* do the alterations on them myself in order to make them fit again, I didn’t want to take in all my pants just in time for The Eatin’ Season.

Because I am a realist. Who enjoys food.

The good news is: I came home with a big bag of new clothes and a viable costume option for less than fifty bucks. The bad news is: I had to try on all the clothes over my street clothes- pants and all- because the fitting rooms were so comically insufficient for the number of customers in the store that it was easier just to try on the clothes right in the middle of the room. Note to self: always wear leggings to Goodwill instead of pants.

So I came home with a ton of new clothes, but I’m going to have to do alterations on nearly all of them after all since I erred on the side of choosing clothes that were too big. I’ll just have to break out the sewing machine and make a day of alterations.

Ahh well.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on September 29, 2018.

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