I took the local bus. My Muse took the express.

I was riding to meet the Curmudgeonly Lion at a restaurant where he was out with his co-workers for drinks to celebrate his supervisor’s birthday.

The restaurant wasn’t far off my usual path, but did require me to take the slow bus through the hills to get there, and try as I might, the words just wouldn’t come and I finally gave up. All day my mind had been in a fog as if the inward facing eyes that I use for introspection and reflection and inspiration were offline and out of focus. There were things on my mind that I wanted to chat with the Curmudgeonly Lion about: not big things, but topics that were going to require an open mind and a bit of time to be able to discuss with any accuracy: how did we want to handle our travel arrangements for the holidays? How did we want to manage our budget for the next few months in order to put some money in savings? How did we like the State Of Our Relationship? (etc). But the Lion still hadn’t *quite* recovered from his cold, and I didn’t want to royal bringing up a delicate topic while he was still feeling miserable and have him always associate with being sick (for instance: putting money in savings is such a headache! Or Trying to finda cheap flight makes me sick.) So mostly I’ve just been bottling up these feelings and keeping them in a holding pattern for over a week, which might explain my distraction.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on October 2, 2018.

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