Blub N Guur

Thanks to the approach of Halloween, life has been full of an unusually large amount of blood and gore of late. Both literal and theatrical.

I was tasked with bringing a dessert to the office Halloween party, so I signed up to make a pie. I haven’t made a pie in ages, but I still mostly remembered how, and thought I probably still had most of the ingredients.

Also, I’d seen a photograph of a pie that someone had made to look like a horrifying flayed face on the top and I figured I could probably do pretty well to imitate it. Because Halloween.

Here was my inspiration:

This nightmare brought to you by Ashley Newman of It Came From Under My Bed

It turns out that these ‘People Pot Pies‘ are just props: latex and foam instead of pastry. Partly because they are made by a prop maker for an Etsy shop instead of a baker. Which is probably for the best. Also, apparently pie crust is notoriously difficult to model with, lest it cook unevenly, but I wasn’t prepared to let that stop me- if it looked horrifying, well, all the better.

Here was the crust before putting it into the oven:

And here it is after a good baking:

I think it turned out pretty well although I expected the cherry filling to ooze out in more places and I didn’t expect the eyes to swell shut, but all in all I call it a success.

Eeet’s a masterpeece!

As if gory pies were not enough, I arrived at work today to discover that there was a blood drive going on. It had been *just* long enough since my last donation that I could volunteer.

My lunch hour got moved around due to a crunch deadline so I wasn’t able to make an appointment and instead had to go as a walk-in, all the time wondering if they were just going to send me away again for insufficient blood iron. But no, my blood iron was fine and my recent flu shot didn’t preclude me from donating so I was able to give a pint and can now ignore all the Red Cross emails guilt free for another six weeks.

And I got a sticker.

Voting. Blood donating. Baking pies… What a very responsible adult I’ve become.

Speaking of stickers…

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on October 30, 2018.

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