Time Back

Might’ve gone a little too far back in time…

The time change meant that the cat was up at four in the morning for her morning vomit instead of the usual five AM expactoration.

“D’you wanna run?” The Curmudgeonly Lion asked.

“Mmmmnno. Iwannnasleeep.”

But there was little sleep to be had and I needed to get an early start to the day since I had a ten AM meeting to go over notes for a screenplay that I was collaborating on with a pair of writing partners. I’d gotten the rewrite late on Friday night and had spent most of my precious computer time on Saturday reading through it and making notes of the things that flagged my attention. Overall, the new draft was excellent, but in true form I stl managed to accomplish about four pages of notes.

I had a not-so-irrational fear that I’d read it and find myself getting territorial and defensive about having a new writer digging around the guts of a project I’d put so much work into, but I was pleased to find the rewrite was surprisingly painless: that’s the advantage of working with great collaborators- their changes add to the project even when they take out entire characters and multiple major set pieces. They make you look good.

So the meeting went well.

My next obligation of the day was babysitting my nephew, the Nugget. Typically, this is easy work- I usually arrive at just about the time he’s going down for a nap and spend the first hour or so getting some work done while watching him toss and turn with glowing demon eyes through the night-vision camera of the baby monitor. Technology has certainly made baby monitoring easier and more convenient, but it has also increased the creepiness factor by an order of magnitude.

But thanks to the time change, nap time was over by the time I arrived.


Well, fine, so I wasn’t going to get any work done. The bigger issue was likely to be the howl of separation that I was going to have to withstand when the Nugget had to watch Mom and Dad walk out the door and not let him follow. I was not looking forward to it, but luckily the tears did not last long and were easily diverted with the help of a toy truck.

The evening’s obligation was my writer’s group, now, thanks to the time change, taking place in the dark. I’d only finished doing the reading earlier that afternoon which was good because it meant the notes were fresher in my mind, but does not speak very positively about my diligence. That seems to be the way of life lately- I got very little transcribing done all weekend, and no new writing at all, although the Curmudgeonly Lion spent the weekend reconfiguring an old laptop so that I could once again have one for my commute. So with luck I’ll be able to get back up to speed tomorrow.

I’m the meantime, today I actually met my goals! Here’s my update:

Novel: 4 pages

Quote: “Tombstone hit a massive chord on the Blackjack that seemed to come from everywhere at once. The bank of lights around the stage burst into a column of fire as if the underworld had spewed the five of us into the world bent on mayhem and revenge.

Screenplay: 4 pages

Quote: “Oh please, I gave you exactly what you wanted- you wanted to make it to first tier to see the Queen, well here you are.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on November 5, 2018.

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