Hot Town

So the world is on fire. Literally, in the case of Malibu (remember, kids, Stop. Drop, and Roll), figuratively in the case of Thousand Oaks (remember, kids, shelter in place), and possibly radioactively in the case of the defunct nuclear testing plant just west of us in the hills (remember, kids, shampoo but don’t condition).

I would mark myself Safe but it kinda seems moot.

All things considered I feel pretty good. I mean, I did tell the Lion “Just in case I die in a welter of gun violence today, I love you.” But that hardly seems like an irrational response: I live in an overcrowded overpriced city with some of the worst commutes in a country so polarized it ought to be used as a particle accelerator. I joke that “we’re all quite mad here”, but it’s the kind of madness where everybody can just barely remember being sane but it kinda also feels like a dream.

Anyway, that’s my life. That and payroll: nearly the whole week has been start-early-and-stay-late. But it’s good to have something to keep my mind occupied.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on November 9, 2018.

6 Responses to “Hot Town”

  1. The world’s on fire. How about that? Is that the way you like it so you never get bored? [Smash Mouth’s “All Star” comes to mind.]

    Shampoo but don’t condition?

    I am hearing all sorts of “end of the world as we know it” songs, now. Tragic and maddening, indeed. Clean cup! Clean cup! If anyone can find one.

    Again, anyone who thinks nothing of the Mayan clock shtuff that came up a few years back…I’m starting to think there’s some cyclical truth to it…like we could predict these things as some sort of cosmic turnover like what happened with the dinosaurs. We think we humans have the run of the place til we turn it over to robots or some other humanoid race…but maybe our “time” is coming sooner than any hippies during wartime could get their message clear to everyone.

    Shaking off all my negative gibberish and feelings…

    Be safe, and, if he hasn’t already, tell Aslan to help pack some “if we need to run” bags. If your location didn’t sound tragic enough, it sounds worse, now. So much for the “greatest country in the world,” ay?

    • Well the good news is that I have it on First Person Authority from an EPA geologist that there wasn’t any air or ground contamination from the nuclear site, and I’m inclined to believe him since geologists are not, generally speaking, given to hyperbole. So that’s a relief at least.

      • Oh, yea, the nuclear thing… I am unaware of what you have in your area, but it seems nuclear threats are more abundant than I previously thought…sort of like those pesky dandelions that get called “weeds” and are a menace to my allergies.

        If people are saying there is no contamination from that site, I’d assume you are being sarcastic…because, often enough, when someone has to say “there is nothing to worry about,” there IS something worth your worry. And, “news” sources are consistently irritating for being misinformed, short-sighted and/or cause for more grief and negative emotions than good.

      • No I believe it- that’s the advantage to first hand sources- the information isn’t being filtered through a news source.

      • First hand how? From reporters or neighbors?

      • From an actual EPA geologist. In person.

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