So the bus just stalled on the highway. For a while I was secretly pleased to have the excuse to do a bit more writing, but then a second bus arrived and we all boarded and I realized that now having two bus loads of passengers on one bus means I’m going to have to stand for the whole ride and I’ll actually be accomplishing less writing than usual. Le sigh.

So I figured this was my hint to finally write a post.

I’ve been away from blogging for a minute: partly this was due to the holidays and having the in-laws in town, and partly this was due to the fact that the deadline for the screenplay I was hired to write got moved up by ten days so I was scrambling. Any free time I got was dedicated to writing, and I felt compelled to use any writing time that I had to work on aforementioned screenplay, so blogging just sort of fell off my radar for a bit.

Anyway, back now- I hope. Yesterday was the deadline for the screenplay rough draft- there’s still a climactic action scene that I’m tinkering with, but the heavy lifting of putting enough words on paper to make a story is done. Now I can actually make it good. I feel a tremendous sense of relief to have gotten this far with everything going on: proof that I can meet deadlines and perform under pressure. And I like how it’s coming along: it still needs a ton of work but it’s a fun little adventure in an interesting world and I’ve enjoyed tinkering with it.

My novel has also regained some momentum. After months of no progress I’ve managed to turn out four new chapters. Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll even squeeze in a fifth before the end of the month which would give me some nice momentum to start off the holiday season.

Thanksgiving was pleasantly festive, if a bit distracted. The Curmudgeonly Lion’s parents came to town and stayed in a hotel just around the block. This worked out well- they were close enough to walk over to visit but far enough that we could have our own space at night. On Saturday we took them on a tour of the Warner Brothers studios in a continuing round of a game we like to play called “Let’s Ruin Movies”. On the last visit, Mother In Law learned that the parting of the Red Sea was accomplished on a parking lot at Paramount and still has not lived it down. So the Warner Brothers tour promised to be a festival of delights.

“I thought it was a real neighborhood, but it was FAKE!” She could be heard exclaiming as the tour cart careened around the front lot at the breakneck speed of five miles per hour. “I thought it was a real jungle but it was all FAAAAAAAKEEE!”

Her disappointment was somewhat mitigated by a visit to the Ellen set, which was reassuringly real, while Father In Law enjoyed the exhibit of Batmobiles. All in all, a very successful visit.

So now the Christmas season is upon us. I put up a Christmas tree and generally decked the halls, but otherwise haven’t given it much thought yet. I’ve pretty much decided against sending out a Christmas letter/card this year. It’s more work and expense than I feel up to, and the year has not been one full of highlights that I feel inclined to share. So I’m giving myself the gift of not bothering. Ahh. I feel more festive already.

So that’s what I’ve been up to.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on November 28, 2018.

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