Well, today was a DAY.

It’s dark now. It’s only six in the evening, but it feels like midnight, probably because I got up this morning at three thirty to drive the Curmudgeonly Lion crazy to the airport. He was flew home to Chicago for a day in order to attend a memorial dinner to celebrate the life of a friend who died suddenly earlier in the month.

At first, I was elated to think that I would have the house to myself for two days. I planned to stay home, work on some writing, putter around my office, generally be a blob around the house and not worry too much about wearing pants. But somehow, very quickly, this weekend turned into a social MARATHON. Here’s how my day has gone so far:

3:30am – get up/drink coffee/get dressed

4:15am – drop off Curmudgeonly Lion at airport.

5:00am- return home, put in a load of laundry, wait for it to get light enough to go for a run.

6:00am- go for a run. Do an extra mile cuz it feels good.

7:30am- shower etc.

8:00am- breakfast on chicken noodle soup with toast. Because I can, OK?

9:00am- head out of the house for Burbank. Walk to the landlady’s house to pay the rent. Notice the lemon tree is trembling under the weight of hundreds of lemons. Fill my purse with lemons.

9:20am- arrive in Burbank way too early. Sit in car surfing on phone to pass the time.

10:15am- have a hair consultation with a gentleman who has a diamond embedded in his incisor about getting my hair colored. Decide that Diamondtooth seems like a trustworthy individual, or at least a good name for a dragon.

10:30am- wander the local antique shops looking for holiday gift inspiration. Swing by the bank for some cash. Discover that my ATM card expired. Yesterday. Figures.

11:00am- Coffee and fancy pastries with a girlfriend who’s been having a rough time lately but still seems as sleek and serene as a duck. Ergo, I hereby dub her Duckie. Duckie is a delight. Duckie is always a delight.

12:10pm head to next meeting.

12:25pm arrive at next meeting half an hour early. Wish I’d spent more time with Duckie instead. Le sigh.

1:00pm A producer, and actress, and a pair of writers walks into a coffee shop to talk about turning a script into a film. There’s no punchline to this joke: That’s just Los Angeles. Two and a half hours later everybody leaves feeling ready to bend space and time to make this film a reality. And also with a lemon.

3:00pm- go to Post Office to buy stamps. Tenth in line. Text a few friends to see if anybody else wants a piece of me today.

3:05pm- leave Post Office to feed parking meter.

3:15pm- Buy stamps at the automated postal machine. Receive text from friend inviting me over for tea.

3:30pm- Stop by friend’s house for tea. Brings lemons.

5:00pm- Arrive home just as it is getting dark. Receive text from my friend Powermove asking if I’m still out and tempts me with the Korean Spa. Asks if it’s still worth going out this late in the game. Waits for response. Decides to start another load of laundry. Sits down to blog.

I don’t think I’ve ever been this torn about whether or not I want to leave the house. Usually it’s no contest- house to myself? STAY IN! But it’s the Korean Spa… and Powermove… But I’ve been out all day… I am le tired…

Decisions, decisions.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on December 1, 2018.

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