Seeing Eye Doctor

Ubiquitous I-just-had-my-eyes-dilated selfie.

I was an hour and fifteen minutes late by the time I rolled into the office with pupils the size of quarters.

“Oh we didn’t think you were coming in,” said The Co-workers. “Are you ok to work like that?”

“I’m fine.” I insisted.

It was the day of my annual visit to the retinologist to check on the laser repair to a tear in my retina from 2011. The doctor has seen me faithfully every year since then, and I, being both extremely nearsighted and always having my pupils dilated, have never seen him once. It’s my annual reminder of just how much I rely on my eyesight: and how much I use it every minute of every day. And my annual experience of what I’ll eventually go through when I start needing reading glasses.

It’s not a future I’m looking forward to. No pun intended.

But for now the retort was good: the repairs are holding, no new problems, see you again next year.

Not if I see you first, doctor. Not if I see you first.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on December 4, 2018.

4 Responses to “Seeing Eye Doctor”

  1. I am kerfused. You go to this person every year for a check-up on a repair done way back in 2011? Yet, you never clearly see the doctor do their thing because your vision is that impaired?…yet I never see you wear glasses in any photo? …Other than those eclipse viewers you acquired.

    I have had a tear since 2015. I had an optometrist classify it as a floater (ergo a previous post). I went to talk with someone probably later than I should have, hoping whatever it was would heal itself. It has not. Yet, from the sources I’ve gathered and even the two guys I went to discuss the situation, it should still heal itself. But, if it wouldn’t, I was given one laser option which wasn’t even certain to work and fairly risky regarding side effects like laser burns and scar tissue and potential worse sight than I had before the procedure. I was rather miffed with the last doctor I saw who called my online research BS, along with delaying any discussion of options another few months though I’d clearly stated and already discussed with the previous doctor how long the condition had been around…and went through a battery of tests to show him something. It’s just a frustrating situation I am hoping a higher power will resolve in a positive way. I try not to let it bother me and give my eyes as much rest as I can…though certain activities sure test that effort.

    I worry everything technological will ruin all our eyes, especially anyone with blue eyes. Maybe it’s just one step in the elaborate scheme of those trying to replace us with robots…like robots that spray warehouse workers with bear spray and send them to the hospital.

    • I wear contacts every day- without them I can see about three inches. And by “about” three inches, I mean, THREE INCHES. Which means I can only focus on something with one eye at a time. That’s how nearsighted I am.
      I have terrible floaters too- they drive me crazy! But yeah, the message I always get is that there’s nothing to be done about them. The retinal tear presented more as a flickering/flashing on the edge of my vision so they lasered around it to keep the tear from spreading, and actually they say it has since re-adhered to my eye so really the checkup is just to make sure the repair is holding and that nothing new has cropped up.

      • Holy mackerel…3 inches without contacts? How do you put them in if that’s the case?

        My range is about 4 to five feet of clarity. It’s really sad looking out a picture window or at someone passing by and not seeing their face clearly if I am not wearing my glasses.

        I ignore the floaters as much as possible. If they get into my head, I have to pretend they are just pedestrians in the city of me, and I must move around them as they move around me.

        But, no, in my case, my retinal tear was classified a floater erroneously by someone either not qualified or not willing to properly diagnose the condition without financial consequences to him.

        Well, I was told the laser–and I’d like to know what kind of laser they used on you and if you experience any scarring or irritation–would mend the tear but not guarantee it wouldn’t reappear or others would reappear. So, it sounded sketchy at best. And, from my research, I had to be careful the laser was a special strength to reduce the chance of harm. And, the people I saw about that weren’t too reassuring. So, I currently live with the tear and seek other methods of healing.

      • One eye at a time 🙂

        I’m not sure what laser they used on me but it was just too seal of the tear so that it wouldn’t spread. From scans I’ve seen of my eye there’s a tiny line of scar tissue but it neither hurts nor affects my vision so I haven’t had any problems

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