The rains came during the night, pattering gently on the roof overhead. In the still- dark morning I lay quietly for a long time just listening to the sound of it and wishing I could make it last. Until the Curmudgeonly Lion looked at his phone.

“It’s 5:45.” He said. “Are you getting up?”

“It’s what?!” My 5:30 alarm hadn’t gone off. Neither had my 5:00am alarm. I may have been in a twilight state, but it seemed unlikely that I would fail to hear two alarms while still getting to enjoy the rain. As far as I have been able to tell, there was no reason why they shouldn’t have gone off, they just didn’t.

So I got up and got myself out the door and my earbuds went dead on one side. No problem: I’d already packed a spare in my purse so I got out the new strand and plugged it into the ipod. So far so good. Then I tried to plug the buds into my ears. FAIL. My some arcane form of reasoning the designer had decided to shape the in ear portion of the earbud into tyre shape of a sippy cup lid. A little nobule protruded at one side, partly covering the main speaker. I presumed it was supposed to go into my ear hole for better sound direction, but it was neither the right shape nor placement to do this. It was painful. It failed to seal out any background noise, and I felt stupid for letting a pair of earbuds outsmart me. But at least I had music and the sound quality was reasonably good.

So that was kinda the story of my day. I did get to enjoy lunch with Steadfast, my brother-in-law who is currently working in the same neighborhood, so that was a highlight, but mostly it was just a series of strange events going not quite the way I expected.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on December 5, 2018.

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