Christmas Shopping

I had to get a gift for a Secret Santa exchange at work and I was stumped. I’d hoped that if I went out and wandered the stores I would find inspiration, but even after a marathon shopping run I still had nothing, and not only that, but I was quickly approaching sensory overload and everything was starting to look the same.

In the end, I finally settled upon an office related gift which seemed useful and safe, if not particularly inspired, and some chocolate- figuring I couldn’t go wrong with chocolate. Then I went home.

It had been an odd day from the start: I got up at sunup and went running, which felt pretty good and usually puts me in a good mood, but my mood dropped suddenly and I found myself crying in the shower. So I laid back down on the bed- not really to sleep so much as to reboot the morning. If I could just dip shallowly into sleep, then I could wake up again and start over.

It seemed to help.

I got up the second time and started the day again- this time feeling calmer and clearer headed. We ate breakfast, and then headed out to do our shopping with the aforementioned mixed success. I did get my secret Santa gift and we picked up gifty things for a few other people on our list without quite getting enough to cross them off as done, but at least there was progress.

Afterwards I returned home to do a Google Hangout with a group of bass players (who spoke very little about basses) which was lovely. I used the time to sort through the photos on my phone and figure out which ones were worth getting prints made. And after that I had dinner with a friend which was fun and low key.

So overall it was a good day.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on December 8, 2018.

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