Bowthree, Bowtwo

On a scale of Bowie, how are you feeling today? Asked the internet meme. I surveyed the faces as I stood at the bus stop waiting for the morning bus. I decided I was somewhere around a three: a happy, smiling Bowie. I’d spent too much time lately trapped at ten: a despondent, unimpressed Bowie. I was ready to move on.

The bus rounded the corner at the end of the block and I began to drift down from my high ground towards the sidewalk in order to board, except the bus never stopped. For whatever reason, the driver swept past the stop without even slowing down. What the hell was I? Chopped liver?

I slipped to a two on the Bowie scale: angry, boozing Bowie. Only without the boozing. Just angry.

Unsurprisingly, I was late to arrive at the office, but the morning was slow, so I noted it on my timecard and resolved to take a shorter lunch. I wasn’t angry anymore, but I wasn’t prepared to be happy yet. I was probably a four: a focused, neutral Bowie.

It was the day of the office Secret Santa gift exchange, and the festive gathering had been tacked onto the end of a staff meeting in which we were updated on the changes (read:increases) in the cost of our health insurance coverage. It was not a meeting of happy Bowies, at least not until the donuts were delivered and the gifts were exchanged.

Mmm… Donuts.

I always underestimate the delight of donuts- probably because they typically bring them to the office on Fridays when I can’t partake of them. But today was not a fasting day, and Damnit I was going to enjoy that donut.

Happy Bowie.

So all in all it was a three-Bowie day. A Bowthree. I got a lovely Secret Santa gift, ate a delicious donut, made some progress on my writing, called my Dad to wish him happy birthday, and now am home, warm in bed, getting ready to call it a night. Seven Bowie. Sleepy Bowie.

So that’s all for tonight.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on December 12, 2018.

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