Day Two

It turns out that the second day of a new year is exponentially harder than the first day. The first day is full of gumption and good intentions. The second day is full of work. All the cheerful indulgences of the past month are abruptly stripped away leaving nothing but cold, hard January for as far as the eye can see in every direction.

Le sigh.

It didn’t help that I didn’t sleep well. It was a night of complicated dreams (ironically, something about trying to escape Christmas) and I woke up with the queasy nausea of someone roused too quickly from too deep of a sleep.

I got up, made lunches, brewed coffee- all the normal elements of a morning routine- feeling slightly out of step with myself. I didn’t exactly pick a fight with the Curmudgeonly Lion before heading out the door, but I didn’t go out of my way to avoid a fight either. Clearly, I wasn’t the only one feeling the snap of reality this morning.

But things seem to have leveled out since then. Work has been pleasantly routine. I’ve had a chance to organize my thoughts a little bit and get up to speed with myself. With luck, I’ll have gotten the worst part of the day over with early.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 2, 2019.

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