Rain Run

It rained today in LA, which around here counts as newsworthy. I’d stopped at a friend’s place for tea and arrived just in time to not be caught in rain-traffic. So that worked out nicely. Although, speaking of traffic, I did find myself in the lane beside a bright pink corvette.

Now that’s someone living their best life. I thought. And then it pulled ahead of me and I saw the license plate read ANGELYN. Which I presume belongs to Angelyne- a character-about-town in Los Angeles of some notoriety.

The LA gods have smiled upon me.

At any rate I made it home before the sun went down so there was still enough light to go for a run. The rains had abated and the air was cool and damp and it felt amazing to jog along the gleaming bike path in a world washed clean just for a minute. I passed only one other runner- another dedicated soul who looked like she did this because she enjoyed it, not because she’d resolved to shed the holiday weight.

I tried to imagine the cool winds washing the poison of my moods off my skin. I tried to imagine the brush of silver twilight lifting away the clinging worries. I tried to imagine a spring of golden, healing light bubbling up inside me to make me whole again. And it worked. At least for today.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 6, 2019.

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