Sips of Satisfaction

I’m standing at the bus stop waiting for my bus, and my knees are a little bit weak, and the world feels like it is ‘jittering’ a little bit, so my blood sugar is low, but I’m eating this apple that tastes like THE BEST apple I’ve ever eaten. Life feels pretty ok right now in the moment, as while I’m not prepared to make sweeping statements about This Being The Life, I’m at least pleased and relieved that things feel good for right now.

Yesterday, I got together with a new acquaintance for drinks. We had a beer and a flight of whiskeys (turns out that I find Knob Creek to be quite delightful) while we asked one another the kind of deep philosophical questions that turn acquaintances into friends. What is the common theme in your top favorite movies? What do you think about god and the wider universe? If you could go back and relive your best day or your worst day, which would you pick?

And afterwards I went home feeling better than I had all week. The scales of my life which so often seems to have the thumb of my anxiety pressing down on the side of all the things that make me unhappy were suddenly balanced out thanks to a little sip of satisfaction. It was a relief to not have to solve all my problems to feel a little bit right with the world.

If I can express a hope without jinxing myself, I’d like to hope that this can be a year full of little sips of satisfaction. I think more than any personal goal or career benchmark, what I really want is to learn how to live a better life with more satisfaction. More philosophical flights. More delicious apples. More acquaintances transforming into friends. More stories worth telling.

One can hope.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 10, 2019.

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