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I could still feel the effects of yesterday’s volatile mood shift in the morning like a kind of mood swing hangover. It was another early morning: the Curmudgeonly Lion had to be out the door nearly an hour earlier than normal so I dragged myself out of bed at the first alarm and went to make him a lunch. And then once I saw him out the door I laid down on the couch for another twenty minutes. I rested more than I slept, which was probably just as well considering that my dreams continue to be works of fractal complexity. I can’t remember the content of them when I wake up, only that they were a lot of work.

It was another rainy day but I did my usual walk and focused on my usual work and ate my usual lunch. My mood stayed level through it all. I managed to make a little progress on some of the later chapters of my book whilst studiously ignoring the chapter which I’m actually supposed to be writing. I’m not sure if that counts as progress or procrastination.

And now I’m headed home, damp and cold and fighting a headache, but otherwise feeling calm. When I wrote yesterday’s post, it was in an effort to be more open about my struggles with mood lately. I was reminded of how lucky I am to have friends and family to reach out and check in and make sure I’m alright in these low moments, which help them to feel less lonely. And I hope that by writing these things out and putting them onto the public forum that is the internet that other people going through the same things might feel less alone too.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 15, 2019.

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