Move Along

I elected to take a twenty-four hour hiatus from social media.

A week or two ago I stumbled across a list of suggested monthly goals that went something like this:

  • One lunch with a friend
  • One night out with friends
  • One breakfast meeting with friends
  • One date night- even if just with yourself
  • One day of service
  • Twenty four hours without social media
  • One day outdoors
  • One day entirely to yourself.

It seemed like a noble experiment, so I adopted it for the month of January to try it on. I’d hoped that yesterday might count towards “lunch with a friend”, but instead it turned out to be The Great Ramen Boondoggle, which was less than ideal. I expected it to hurt more: being stood up sucks, but I found myself feeling surprisingly calm about it. I kept prodding the place in my mind trying to feel something but… Nothing.

Still, I knew that if I had social media open that I’d find ways to work myself into a lather with vaguebooking and passive aggressive tweets and the constant unrequited hope for some response- anything to give me answers. So I decided to nip it in the bud: I would take twenty four hours and just be alone with my thoughts for a day.

It actually worked out pretty well. Having dinner time to think things over have me a chance to weigh my options: did I really care to have this person in my life? Did I really want to come out swinging against them for not showing up? Was that four-letter word really necessary?

I came to the conclusion that the whole ordeal had been a backhanded blessing: I realized how much I value my friendship. Friendship as a verb; friendship as in the act of being a friend. An act that requires time and attention and communication- none of which had been met the evening before. It was time for me to rededicate my resources to other people who were willing to cultivate the connection.

It was time to move on.

So tomorrow I move on.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 22, 2019.

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