Creative Spark

I finished writing another chapter of my book and backed it up online last night. What relief! I’d been struggling with it for several weeks trying to figure out which story thread to pull on, and in what order, and how hard. It’s still a bit disorganized, but it’s ninety five percent to where I want it to be. All the words are down on the page at least.

For a writer, this is a big deal.

Ok, the chapter was done! On to the next one!

I found myself confronted with the blank page. I wasn’t sure where to go form here: I didn’t even know where to begin. The next chapter stretched out emptily for as far as my mind could see. This is a pretty rare problem on this story: I wrote a lot of it out of order so the whole arc is mapped out. I know what the climax is. I know how it ends- hell, I’ve got five of the final chapters already completed… I just have to figure out how to get there from here.

I fiddled around with scene order for a few hours. Did this plot point really need three chapters? What if this happened before that. How much time needed to pass after this pivotal moment? What if that happened in another location? With a different character?

I didn’t reach any brilliant conclusions. Mostly I just moved everything around and left it a mess. Sigh.

Today I decided to switch projects for a while to address some notes that I’d gotten during Wednesday’s meeting about my steampunk screenplay. I pushed some words around for my morning commute trying to get back into the groove of it, but struggled to change gears. My heart wanted to be working on the novel. But I made a little bit of progress.

Like magic, by lunchtime, I had some new ideas for the next chapter. They may or may not be useful ideas, but now at least I have a toehold on the chapter. Maybe I just need to keep alternating between the two projects to keep my creative faculties limber. I’ll work on the screenplay again on my ride home and see what else it might spark.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 25, 2019.

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