Cake Days

There was cake today.

I suppose by definition that makes today a good day. And in truth it wasn’t too bad: I left the house while it was still dark in order to get in to work early. In the pre dawn the neighborhood was quiet and serene, wrapped in a woolly morning mist, and I walked to the bus stop without my earbuds in in order to enjoy the quietude.

Getting in early meant that I didn’t get caught in the rain during my morning walk. An hour or so later and I would’ve been caught in a thunderstorm. The thunderstorm was more percussion than precipitation, and the few mighty thunder rolls were met with lots exultation from the paymaster down the hall.

Work itself was steady and manageable, and of course there was cake. I made some progress on my two writing projects, got in a nice walk for my commute home, tentatively made some plans for things to do over the weekend with my sister Filbert who will be in town from Chicago. So I guess it was, in fact, a good day.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 31, 2019.

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