Into The Wind

It wasn’t rain so much as it was fat mist, and it wasn’t wind so much as it was thick air, but the combination of the two made my evening walk damp and unpleasant. I opened my umbrella, holding it in front of me more than over my head and used it to cut the wind. Since I was pretty much walking straight into the wind this meant I was pretty much walking blind, following the painted white line on the bike trail for guidance. Now and then I would raise it just long enough to see if anybody was coming the other way, but nobody ever was: it was an hour later than my usual walk, and with the weather being unpleasant I had the path to myself. Even the usual drifters who live along the route had retreated into the rain-shadow of the train tracks and highway overpasses.

As I walked, I considered how this particular evening’s walk was a good parable for life: sometimes you gotta walk into the wind. Sometimes things are just damp and uncomfortable. Sometimes you can’t see where you’re going and it’s just a matter of following the line on the path until you get there.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 13, 2019.

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