Well it was a helluva weekend for adulting. On Saturday morning the water heater went out leaving us with only cold water for the rest of the weekend. Our water spirits must be angry again: the roof leaks, the shower knob seizes up and now takes both hands and good bit of leverage in order to turn it, and now the water heater is dead. Again. The stupid thing is barely a year old.

When we moved into this house we had endless problems with the plumbing: both toilets leaking, the drain under the house cracking, the u-bend in the kitchen sink falling apart at the connector every time we poured a pot of water intro the drain too quickly… Etc.

I’d foolishly thought the nightmare was over. Well, it came back.

I mean, mostly it’s the landlady’s problem: and she takes good care of us. She’s been calling up plumbers and roofers and insurance adjusters etc and generally being very proactive about helping us get back to normal, but we’re still the ones faced with cold showers.

Oh, and speaking of cold showers: we did our taxes this weekend. And when I say “we” I mean me and when I say “did our taxes” I mean did them four times. IfyouknowwhatImsayin.

I really wish was a euphemism and not literally what I did all day.

We owed. Not as much as last year, but still in four digits which I consider a lot. Why?! I wailed. I’d changed my withholdings down to Single-0 on my W4 last March expressly to avoid having a huge tax bill this year! Turns out my company switched me back to Married-0 when the payroll system changed in April. So all this time my checks have been under-withheld.

But whyyyyy?! I continued to lament. I am married! I filed as married-filling-jointly! It should have been the appropriate withholding! It shouldn’t have been off by more than a grand!

I still don’t know. I tried redoing the return as married-filing-seperately which just meant redoing the tax returns twice (once for myself, once for the Lion) as then adding up the cost. Unsurprisingly it was a considerable amount more. So then- because doing a tax return three times wasn’t enough of a thrill, I did it a fourth time: married-filing-jointly, and sucked it up and paid the bill at the end.

So that was my thrilling day. Cold showers and taxes.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 17, 2019.

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