Amber Moon

The rising moon was the color of amber. It emerged from beyond the dark horizon at the vanishing point of the bike path as I approached like a giant yellow soap bubble; eventually breaking free to float upwards into the sky. I wanted to take a picture even though I knew it was futile to try. My camera was not sensitive enough in the dark to capture the moon as anything more than a blurry disc in the sky.

But still I tried.

Futility has been a struggle for the past day it two. Yesterday evening I managed to miss my bus stop (I forgot to pull the stop request cable- I don’t usually need to do it but since it was a holiday no one else has requested the stop for me) and ended up in Van Nuys. I got home from work and was so tired by the time I finished doing the dishes that I retreated to bed before ten o’ clock.

In the morning, I managed to miss my bus stop again- once again winding up in Van Nuys as if called there by a curse. Somewhere along the way I managed to lose my two thumb rings off my left hand. Really they could be anywhere: I doing even have an inkling of where they fell off.

And through it all has been an endless stack of W4s to enter into the payroll system, and the joyless and unsteady mood of life lived in montage. If ever there was a day that would be glossed over in my life’s story, this would be it.

Apropos of nothing, I discovered that my coat had a breast pocket. I reached inside to see if I’d stashed anything interesting in there and discovered a Guatemalan worry doll. I’m beginning to wonder whether I ought to put it under my pillow to help clear my head. I guess we’ll just have to see what tomorrow brings.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 19, 2019.

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