Storm Pressure

The pressure sat between my eyes like a headache all day, and all the caffeine and water and Advil in the world couldn’t seem to make it move. I worried that I might be getting sick. I thought maybe it was just from the air being dry or from being overtired: I’d slept restlessly and gotten out the door early to pick up some overtime, so I was not operating on an abundance of sleep. And I’d been sharing an office all day with a temp and her six month old baby who would periodically need to be lulled into a stupor with Disney Junior videos played at top volume.

There were many possible reasons for my headache, but I’m pretty sure it was because of the weather. About halfway through the afternoon I glanced out the window and noticed it was raining and knew with near certainty it was the change in pressure that had done me in.

I regret to say that this headache might just be the most newsworthy part of my day. Guess they can’t all be showstoppers.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 20, 2019.

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