Greetings new friend-beast! Yes, you: the one who has spent the day reading a backlog of my thoughts and adventures. Lovely to have you joining me 🙂

I am but a small account, so forgive me for being so delighted to learn that your eyes have been upon me. Boom! Says my status update. Your stats are booming! And suddenly my day got a lot better. Up until now it had all been spilled coffee and broken shoes and drudgerous work and bad mood, but you changed all that, and I thank you.

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~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 26, 2019.

7 Responses to “Hallo!”

  1. From the outset, I thought that was a common superhero mask…maybe a Catwoman-ish mask. It’s still interesting enough to get you some cool crafting points. 🙂 Though, it makes you eyes look dilated.

    • Thanks! I can’t take credit for making it: it is an original Semmerling and Schaefer mask- you can check out their amazing work at maskartists.com

      • Awe, I thought it was your handiwork, adding to your awesomeness.

        Hmm. A different mask shop? What’s that made of? It looks like clay.

      • It is leather- and very comfortable!

      • He’s got some really sweet designs there…just a bit pricey for me. I am digging the fox, cats and maple leaf, to name a few. He also has some freaky pieces that I’d likely see in my nightmares…

      • Wait. Did you model for that mask? There’s a gal on the shop page that has red hair like yours and a rather similar mask.

      • Holy hoodlums, Batman! Leather masks? And, so expensive…a lil out of my party range. I’d only pay that for a mask if I was part of some red carpet event or wealthy enough to host some grand costume party. At any casual event I’d normally be attending…that would be a high-risk item I’d hate to damage by colliding with fools.

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