I have now gotten up at five in the morning for eight days in a row, and driven to the airport three days in a row. On Saturday it was to drive the Curmudgeonly Lion to the airport so he could fly home and surprise his dad at a surprise birthday party. On Sunday, it was to pick up my folks. Yesterday, it was to pick the Curmudgeonly Lion up again. It’s been a heckuva weekend for logistics.

At the moment, everything hurts. On Sunday I got together with a friend to go for a hike, and I’m feeling it now.

I’m not a hiker. I’m in pretty good shape and I like to walk and run, but hiking is a new muscle for me. I’ve made a couple of friends who all enjoy it and are serious enough about it to do the hikes that require permits and equipment, and lately some of their adventures have sounded pretty appealing to me. I think there has always been a part of me that wants to journey- with or without a destination- over long distances at a walking pace, both to see the world and to discover my physical limits.

But this was not one of those hikes. This was just a moderate local hike of about five miles up to the ruins of what has once a grand hotel. All that remains is the footprint of the foundation. The hotel had once been serviced by a kind of rail trolley, of which only a collection of massive gears and flywheels remain from the cable mechanism. It climbed gently up the side of a ridge, and the view from the top was a lovely, hazy overview of the city and the valleys in between. The day was good for hiking: sunny, but not too warm. I made it to the top and back feeling pretty good physically in spite of being unaccustomed to the incline.

Returning home I decided to go ahead and run a bunch of errands since I was out: gassing up the car, picking up some groceries, etc.

I really shouldn’t shop while hungry.

And then, since I was already sweaty and covered in sunscreen I decided to try and tackle the jungle of the backyard. With all the rain we’ve had recently, everything is very green and growing, which is wonderful, but it means that the weeds in the backyard are approaching knee height. The past few weekends have been too rainy for it to make sense to be out in the yard playing with electric power tools, but something had to be done and I thought maybe the Lion would be pleased to come home to find the yard all squared away.

Regrettably, the weed whacker ran out of whack before it ran out of weeds. We had more filament, but I didn’t know how to load it into the cartridge so I had to admit defeat with the yard only half reclaimed. So I’m probably feeling that as well.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 26, 2019.

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