Twenty Eighth

I glanced down at my to do list for the month and realized oh shit, it’s the twenty eighth: the last day of the month. For a short month, it sure took forever, and for a month that dragged so much it sure was over quickly.

Looking at my list of unfinished goals, I felt a sense of disorientation, wondering what I’d done with all that time. Mostly, the answer was Work, which has been busy thanks to awards season. Early mornings. Late nights. Short lunches. The endless tedium of paperwork and tax forms. It’s easy to see why the days have been blurring together.

But it hasn’t all been drudgery: the month started off with beer and sausages for a friend’s birthday, followed by a visit from my sister, Filbert, and a weekend of Groundlings shows and thrift shopping. There were coffee visits with friends and a Valentine’s masquerade. There was a housewarming party for an old friend, and a pleasant morning hike up to a scenic overlook with a new one. I completed the rewrite on one of my screenplays and I’m three quarters of the way through a rewrite on a second one. And I got my taxes done.

So February had plenty going on.

If I have one hope for March, it is that I will begin to find some balance in all this chaos. It’s already gearing up to be a busy month, including a short roadtrip getaway towards the end to look forward to. So hopefully the rough seas will begin to calm now for some smoother sailing.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 28, 2019.

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