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Having the first day of the month fall on a Friday feels like a whammy: it’s easy to procrastinate on whatever noble goals I might have in mind for the month. “I’ll start over the weekend” I tell myself, but I never do. “I’ll start on Monday.” I amend after two days get whittled away by laundry and housekeeping. Monday comes and already three days have gone by and now the whole work week is ahead of me. Maybe I’ll make progress, maybe I won’t, but time has already been wasted and now I’m spending more time figuring out how to make it up than actually getting to work.

So it’s a vicious cycle.

At any rate, I wrote down my goals for the month. Already the days are beginning to fill up with plans. I’m hoping that I can find enough balance to make progress and still enjoy myself a little bit.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on March 1, 2019.

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