Last Straw

The Curmudgeonly Lion and I hiked Runyon Canyon for the first time yesterday. For the uninitiated, this is a popular hiking park in the Hollywood Hills where you can get some good views of Hollywood, the Hollywood sign, and sometimes maybe even see someone famous. (For the record we didn’t see anybody we recognized). The path is wide and well trafficked, and *mostly* well maintained. But it’s quite steep in places. The Lion labored up the incline, while I struggled in the descent. A muscle in my left thigh knotted up quite severely and I can still feel it today, but all in all the outing was a success.

Afterwards, to completely undo any exercise we might have gotten, we wentfor breakfast at The Griddle Cafe. The wait was nearly an hour long, but we were already in the area so we dug in and waited it out. The restaurant itself was mobbed, as usual. A server brought us drinks and took our order, but failed to leave a straw (because environment, hellooo.) Which, fine, but she was so busy we couldn’t seem to flag her down to ask for one. Finally she was taking the order of the table just behind me so I reached over my shoulder and filched one out of her apron. She caught me doing it (pickpocket fail) and I guess it shook her because she gave or table to another server and refused to look at me the rest of the time we were there.

I felt bad.

I apologized when we left: it was such a big reaction to such a small thing that I couldn’t help but think I’d touched a nerve. The Last Straw, if you will. I wanted to at least be “that crazy patron who stole a straw… But also apologized”. I still feel a little bad. I guess I learned my lesson.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on March 4, 2019.

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