The transit gods have not been with me lately. I say this as I stand at the bus stop having just watched the bus that I’d hoped to catch go by. I say this, after having to walk two miles to arrive an hour late to work this morning. I say this after standing at the bus stop yesterday morning for a full forty minutes before finally catching an express bus.

And the week is only two days old.

Yesterday’s bus boondoggle was my own damn fault: I’d been standing at the bus stop for twenty minutes, which was an unusual amount of time and usually meant that one of the usual buses wasn’t running for some reason. Typically this results in a bus so full that I end up standing for the whole ride and I don’t get any work done. And I needed to get work done: I have a deadline looming. I looked up the expected arrival time of the following bus on a bus tracker app, which told me the following bus would be along only ten minutes later.

So I decided to wait.

Time passed. I watched the bus tracker count down the minutes: eight minutes. Five minutes. Three minutes, two…

The last two mommies seemed to take forever. I refreshed the app.

Twelve minutes.

Wait, what? I refreshed it again.

Twelve minutes.

Well, shit.

So I waited another twelve minutes before catching the bus and arrived to the office, unsurprisingly, twenty minutes late. But I guess I shouldn’t have worried: even twenty minutes late I was still literally the first employee through the doors.

Today, by contrast, the bus came and I, no dummy, got on. I settled in to work. The commute progressed as normal. I became aware at a certain point that we had been stationary for some time. Glancing out the window I pinpointed our location as being somewhere along the exit ramp for Wilshire. We sat there for nearly forty minute. When the bus reached the bottom of the ramp that driver let people get off so I decided to walk the rest of the way. The distance wasn’t impossible: about two miles, but I was annoyed at being late and the route took me past some unkind memories that got under my skin for the rest of the day.

But at least I got my exercise in.

Tomorrow they’ve asked me to come in early, but rains are expected to arrive tonight so I’m wondering if I should just head to the office right now in order to get there in time. Le sigh. Maybe the transit gods will be feeling more well disposed towards me by the morning. One can hope.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on March 5, 2019.

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