Not my photo, just my mood.

I awoke at four in the morning to the sound of fat, heavy raindrops hitting the roof overhead followed by a crack and roll of thunder. I resolved to drive to work. The thought of standing at the bus stop in the pouring rain was one thing. The thought of standing at the bus stop in an electrical storm was something else. Lightning had been lighting up the sky in huge blue/violet bolts since the night before. I’d counted off the distance on my walk home: eighteen counts from crack to roll, however much distance that equated to. Four miles? Five? It still felt too close. I still sent up a silent prayer that I would not new struck by lightning.

Better than my chances of winning the lottery.

So I elected to drive. I had to go in early anyway, maybe stay late too. The roads were going to be wet. The bus was going to be slow. And leaky. And what if I had to walk again? It would mean giving up my writing time and my daily exercise, but on the whole I decided it was worth it.

This is my life now.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on March 6, 2019.

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